The Thatched Tavern | Ascot
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Please note that Takeaway orders and Provisions order should be done separately as the Kitchen will handle these separately.


Collection Available from 11am till 4pm Monday To Saturday's

We are now offering provisions for collection for our local community. Please note local home delivery coming soon.


Cook at Home Meals for 1

Cook at Home Beef Lasagne for 2, , , , , celery egg gluten milk mustard sulphur
Chicken, Leek & Mushroom Pie, , , , £6.50
celery egg gluten milk sulphur
Steak, Ale & Onion Pie, , , , £6.50
celery egg gluten milk sulphur
Lamb Shoulder Shepherds Pie, , £7.95
celery milk sulphur

Canned on Site Draught Beer 440ml

Canned Draught London Pride 4.1%
Out of stock
Canned Draught Corona 440ml 4.5%£3.85
Canned Draught Thatched Best Bitter 4.2% £2.00
Out of stock
Can Draught Thatched Pilsner 4.7% abv£3.10
Canned Draught Orchard Pig Cider 4.5%£3.00
Can Draught Becks 4% abv£2.95


Mature Cheddar 300g£4.50
Unsalted Butter 250g £2.20
Eggs Half Dozen £2.50
Full Fat Milk 2 Ltr £1.70
Semi Skimmed Milk 2 Ltr £1.70


Brioche Bap

Granary Sliced Loaf£1.80
Brown Sliced Loaf£1.80
White Sliced Loaf£1.80

Dry Goods

Penne Pasta 500g£1.50
Heinz Baked Beans 440g£1.45
1.5kg Self Raising Flour£1.90
1.5kg Plain Flour£1.90

Fruit & Vegetables

Pomegranate Large Each£1.70
Pineapple Each£2.50
Mango Each£1.95
Spring Onion Bunch£0.70
Radish 200g£0.60
Aubergine Each£0.89
Cauliflower Each£1.99
Oranges 1kg£2.90
Raspberries Punnet£3.25
Carrots 1kg£1.20
Green Beans 150g£2.00
Parsnips 1kg£2.40
Spinach 250g£3.00
Baby Gem Pkt of 2£1.50
White Onions 1kg£3.20
Spring Onions Bunch£0.95
Potatoes 1kg£1.90
Tomatoes 1kg£2.40
Cucumber Each£0.90
Fennel Each£1.65
Avocado Each£1.80
Blueberries Punnet£2.95
Strawberries Punnet £3.50
Pears 1kg£3.40
Apples 1kg£3.20
Bananas Hand£1.90
Courgette Each£0.95

Fresh Meat

Back Bacon 6 Rashers£3.20
BBQ Pack for 2£10.00
Chicken Breast Each£3.80
Whole Fillet Steak per kg£42.50
Whole Chicken£9.25
Mince Beef 400g£4.50
Surrey Farm Ribeye Steak 8oz£12.00
Cumberland Sausages x8£4.25

Fresh Fish

Cod Supreme 150g-170g£4.25
Smoked Salmon 100g£3.75
Salmon Supreme 150g-170g£4.75
Sea Bass Fillet 150g-170g£4.75